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I recently did a search on Google.com, and was amazed to find that Dan Garrett was talked about on roughly 8700 other web pages around the world! I simply searched 3 words: “dan garrett magic” and got back the results in fractions of seconds. Many of the sites which were in French or Spanish (from Dan Garrett’s many European performances and lectures) were translated for me into English by Google!

Here are a few results from that search. If you are interested, you can spend a few fascinating minutes going to these other sites to learn what others in the magic world think about Dan Garrett!

Even I can’t begin to read all the great reviews and comments about Dan Garrett’s wonderful magic out there in cyberspace, but the above links should get you started.

If you are looking to search information about magic and magicians in general, plus up-to-the-minutes news about happenings in the world of magic, the four biggest sites I know are listed below. Good luck!

Please come back often! I add new things to this site on a weekly basis.

Email Dan Garrett — DanGarrett@aol.com — Phone 770-981-0310

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